Prelude to Mars: SpaceX tests new Starship spacecraft’s engines (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

June 28, 2023  10:38

SpaceX is preparing to carry out the second test flight of its giant Starship rocket. The aerospace company has conducted a static fire test of the engines of its Starship 25 prototype spaceship. At 8:27pm local time on Monday (4:27am Armenia time on Tuesday), all six Raptor engines were turned on for approximately 5 seconds.

Company founder Elon Musk tweeted that the spacecraft's test run is the “Prelude to Mars” and a key milestone for the second flight.

Most likely, the Starship spacecrafts will be used in future missions to the Moon and Mars.

The engines were tested at the SpaceX Starbase in South Texas. During the test, the engines were turned on for a short time, while the spaceship itself remained on the launch pad.

The launch pad, the Super Heavy booster, and Starship could be ready for the second flight in about 6 weeks, Musk said.

As part of this flight, the rocket will launch the Starship, which will make an incomplete orbit around the Earth and land in the Pacific Ocean—near Hawaii.

The first launch of the giant Starship rocket took place on April 20, but the rocket had to be detonated 4 minutes after launch. It was successfully launched, climbed 39 kilometers, but in the third minute of the flight, the spacecraft did not separate from the first stage as planned.

SpaceX has made more than 1,000 changes to the Starship rocket since its first launch in April.

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