Google updates Android logo: The flat robot will become 3D, the lowercase “a” will change to uppercase

June 27, 2023  14:48

Google is changing the spelling of the name Android and the design of the mascot of this operating system. Innovations will take effect with the release of Android 14.

According to the 9to5google portal, with the release of a new version of the operating system, the spelling of its name will not begin with a lowercase letter “a”, but with an uppercase one. In addition, the company will ditch the flat green robot Android logo in favor of a three-dimensional one.

The release of the updated logo is not expected until the fall of 2023, but Google has hinted at this event over the past few months. So, the voluminous head of the robot has already flashed at CES 2023, the Google I / O 2023 conference, and even in promotional materials for the Samsung Galaxy S23 and Z Flip4.

Most likely, the new Android logo will be shown when smartphones are turned on. In the meantime, users see the old design, accompanied by the phrase "Powered by android".

Note that the last change to the Android logo took place in 2019.

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