New feature in Android 15 will automatically lock your phone if it's stolen

May 16, 2024  12:10

Google has released the second beta version of the Android 15 operating system to be introduced this fall, which includes a number of new security features. Thanks to one of them, for example, the screen of the smartphone is immediately locked when the smartphone is stolen from the user or taken from his hand.

Some of the new security features in Android 15 will eventually roll out to older versions of Android as well, making them available to many more users.

A new feature called Theft Detection recognizes unusual and sudden movements of the mobile device, which can indicate that someone is snatching the phone from the user's hand or stealing the device from the table. To prevent a potential attacker from gaining access to the device's data, the phone's screen is automatically locked. The system also monitors if the device is being hacked remotely and if so, automatically disconnects it from the network.

theft_detect_2.jpg (113 KB)

Google is also offering a new way to remotely lock a phone's screen if it falls into the wrong hands. To do this, you just need to visit, enter your phone number and answer the security question. After that the device will be locked. These features will be available with a future update to Google Play Services for smartphones running Android 10 and later.

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Android 15 also introduces a new security feature called Private Space. It allows apps and data to be placed in a separate, hidden area of the smartphone that can be locked with a PIN code. Google has also added protection against forced device restarts and factory resets. In this case, the system will ask to enter the data of the owner of the smartphone (name, password, etc.) during the next setup.

Android Play Protect has also received an update. It checks how apps use the permissions they request from the device to protect the device from phishing and other fraud. Information about potentially malicious apps is sent to Google for further verification.

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