Bloodborne Kart: Racing arcade game based on cult game will take players to 'The Hunter's Dream'

October 18, 2022  18:47

Heartstrings Studios lead programmer Lilith Walther is working on a racing arcade game based on the iconic Bloodborne game. At first glance, it has nothing to do with the original Bloodborne, but the game looks, as far as we can judge from the video, at least originally. And the horrifying atmosphere of the original game is not bad, but the graphics is noticeably different.

bloodborne kart

In new Bloodborne Kart you will be able to race as Hunter -- the protagonist of Bloodborne, Father Gascoigne, infected with lycanthropy and now -- the First Hunter Gehrman, who will compete in his wheelchair, which is equipped with a motor and an exhaust pipe and, apparently, is not inferior to the characteristics of many bikes.

Walther also recently unveiled a new track in her game, which will take us to Hunter's Dream, the location where Gehrman is usually found in the original game.

A release date for the game is not yet known. Walther says the game will come out "when it's ready".

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