Google will read users' emails in Gmail to save them from the Darknet

May 12, 2023  20:04

Google has started monitoring data in Gmail to control the leakage of data to the Darknet, this was announced during the Google I/O 2023 conference held a few days ago. For now, it will only be used in the US.

The service automatically monitors and generates reports for users if new data leaks appear on cybercrime sites and forums. If the leak contains data related to a specific person using Google services, the latter will receive information about what steps can be taken to protect themselves. In some cases, users are encouraged to notify authorities, such as when their Social Security number, which is the primary identification document in the United States, is lost.

The service was introduced in March 2023 and was initially only available to Google One subscribers. The service is now gradually rolling out to Gmail users, but for now only in one country, the US. The process will take several weeks. Google promises to expand the service to international markets in the future.

Gmail users will also occasionally receive emails advising them to check if their email address is included in call leaks.

Another security feature was announced at the Google I/O conference: the SafeBrowsing API (protected browsing mode). The new API will significantly increase the effectiveness of tools for detecting compromised websites, blocking cyber attacks and phishing. The effectiveness of Chrome's anti-phishing tools is expected to increase by a quarter.

In addition, thanks to new browsing tools, GoogleDrive will improve spam protection, which will make it easier to identify unwanted files.

Finally, Google has promised to provide full transparency of the use of user data by applications in Android 14 OS. Apps must now ask users for explicit permission to share data with third parties for advertising purposes. In addition, with each application, the user will have the option to prevent it from sharing the device's location information with anyone.  

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