Engineer creates hoodie that prevents night vision cameras from detecting person's face

February 28, 2023  17:41

An engineer named Mac Pierce has created а hoodie that prevents night-vision cameras from detecting a person's face. If surveillance cameras record a person wearing a Camera Shy Hoodie, the footage will show his silhouette, but not his face.

The engineer's invention is actually very simple – it consists of an ordinary hoodie with infrared LEDs sewn into the neck, which use the same wavelength of infrared light as surveillance cameras, night vision devices and infrared spotlights. As a result, because of the light emitted by the LEDs, the cameras cannot capture the face of the person wearing that shirt.


However, it is possible to place more LEDs on the garment and hide more of the human body from the cameras.

Since the LEDs on the shirt use infrared light, they are not visible to the naked eye, so clothes with these LEDs will not arouse suspicion. If desired, the LEDs can be designed on the clothes in such a way that they were almost invisible.


The entire project by Mac Pierce cost $270, of which $200 were spent on buying the necessary electronic components.

The engineer also published detailed instructions on how to make your own Camera Shy Hoodie: you can use a jacket or sweatshirt of any style and color as a base.

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