Demand for blockchain professionals increases by 552%: What are others most in demand?

January 27, 2023  21:34

In 2022, worldwide demand for blockchain professionals increased by 552%. A recent study by DevSkiller found that of all the in-demand domains, the demand for blockchain skills is the fastest growing.

The Kotlin programming language took the second place with а 205% increase in demand. Cybersecurity is in third place (+176%). At the same time, JavaScript, Java, SQL, and Python skills were recognized as the most sought after. Last year, in 23% of cases of testing programming skills, the level of knowledge of JavaScript was checked.

ITPro Today explained that experts at DevSkiller's IT skills assessment platform analyzed 209,249 test items from job seekers and company employees in 54 countries. More than half of them were juniors, 18% were mid-level, and 31% were senior professionals. Additionally, there is an increase in demand for positions that require deep technical knowledge and complex skills.

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 Tomasz Nurkiewicz, Chief Technology Officer at DevSkiller, admitted that he did not expect to see such an increase in demand for blockchain-related technologies, especially amid the collapse of cryptocurrency exchanges and the unstable positions of cryptocurrencies.

Either the market hasn't yet taken into account the collapse of cryptocurrencies, or companies have started using blockchain for non-financial purposes, he said, adding that many startups built around NFTs or Ethereum are likely to go bankrupt, and this will reduce the popularity of blockchain.

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Nurkiewicz added that it may be surprising that the same technologies appear in DevSkiller's study every time. For example, React became the No. 1 web technology for the fourth time. Nurkiewicz explained that this is probably due to the fact that DevSkiller examines vacancies in the market throughout the year, and not what is popular recently.

DevSkiller's study places special emphasis on a culture of continuous learning. In their opinion, training and upskilling is now more important than ever.

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