Why is it so important to raise the level of education in regions of Armenia? Interview with Eduard Musaelyan

July 8, 2024  16:14

Digital transformation of the economy and development of the regions of Armenia are among the most priority areas of activity of UEICT, the director of the organization Eduard Musaelyan said in an interview with NEWS.am Tech.

According to him, the global strategy of the organization is still at the development stage, but there is no doubt that the two above-mentioned areas are truly priorities. In addition, to achieve the goals related to these areas, it is necessary to carry out serious work in the country, raising the level of education, creating conditions for highly qualified specialists to come to Armenia and stay here.

Education and regional development

The concentration of the country's technological potential in the capital or in one or two cities is a serious problem, which was also discussed at the Silicon Mountains Shirak summit held in Gyumri on July 4. This problem has a negative impact on business development, the country's economy, and the quality of life of people.

Eduard Musaelyan is confident that an important step towards solving this problem will be to improve the level of education in the regions. When high-quality specialists begin to appear in regional cities, a "hunt" for these specialists will begin, and many enterprises will go to the regions. The opening of new branches and new vacancies will entail the emergence of many jobs in other areas, in particular, in the service sector: there is an opinion that each new job in the IT sector leads to the emergence of 3-6 additional ones in the service sector. Consequently, the impact on the economic state of the city and the entire region will be colossal.

"Today, even if a person works in a regional city and receives a good salary, he often has nowhere to spend this salary, since there is no developed infrastructure. But the technological development of the regions will completely change this situation. The more high-quality professionals and new jobs for them appear there, the more the region will develop," the specialist noted.

All these processes, according to Musaelyan, should begin with raising the level of education in the regions, which will entail solving a number of other problems.

Cooperation with the government

For the development of both the country and its regions, it is also important to create conditions for foreign specialists who come to Armenia to stay here.

“For any highly qualified specialist, Armenia should become a kind of ‘Silicon paradise’,” Musaelyan explained.

It is impossible to achieve all the set goals independently, with the efforts of one organization, even if it cooperates with a huge number of IT companies and almost all educational institutions of the country, and therefore UEICT also cooperates with the government of Armenia.

"We communicate with government representatives on various platforms, talk about the problems we see in our area, discuss possible solutions, offer our assistance where possible. Of course, this cooperation could become even more effective: cooperation can always be developed, more efforts can be put into it from both sides, so that our programs can be implemented more effectively," Musaelyan noted.

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