Due to US sanctions, Huawei has started selling beef, becoming China's largest importer of meat

June 14, 2024  22:06

Huawei has again led the Chinese market, but this time in a very unexpected way. The company has become the largest importer of beef in China, Tom's Hardware reports.

Everything becomes even more interesting when it turns out that this new business of Huawei is due to the American sanctions and is actually a consequence of them.

The fact is that Argentina could not pay for the telecommunications equipment it bought from Huawei due to US sanctions in dollars or yuan and instead paid with Argentine beef and wines. In other words, an exchange of goods actually took place.

Of course, Argentina could pay in pesos, but due to very high inflation, Huawei would have to get rid of that money as quickly as possible. Apparently, beef and wine have become a more sustainable option.

It is noteworthy that such a product exchange took place for the first time at least in 2019, for similar products Huawei created a Mossel subsidiary. But the hype has only just begun. The source notes that, apparently, the exchange of goods with Argentina is still a working option.

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