Sony publishes video showing how the world of entertainment will change by 2034

May 24, 2024  10:15

As part of a strategic meeting, Sony presented its vision for the future of the entertainment industry in a video titled Creative Entertainment Vision. The video was published on the company's YouTube channel.

In the conceptual demo video, it is shown how people in the next decade can use virtual reality headsets to create avatars and immerse themselves in virtual worlds to interact with others.

Additionally, the short video showcased a smartphone of the future, a portable console with a levitating transparent screen, a transparent tablet, and parks with mechanical dinosaurs and ghosts from the company’s popular franchises — the Horizon game series and the Ghostbusters movies, respectively.

This video illustrates how the video game, travel, concert, and other entertainment industries might change in the future. However, this does not mean that in 2034 people will be walking through virtual parks or playing on portable consoles with floating displays. It seems that Sony plans to develop these directions in the way shown in the video.


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