Pavel Durov gives interview to Tucker Carlson: From 3-hour interview, less than hour appears in final version

April 17, 2024  10:12

Telegram creator Pavel Durov gave a long interview to American journalist Tucker Carlson. The interview initially lasted as much as three hours, of which less than an hour was included in the final version.

“As a leader of a politically neutral platform, it is my responsibility to speak to journalists representing different political views. In February, I did a 3-hour interview with a journalist of liberal views. On the same day, I spoke to Tucker Carlson, who is famously conservative. This way I can remain fair to all audiences and tell the story of Telegram to everyone.

The interview with Tucker is coming out very soon. It will be in video format, which is quite rare for me — so be sure to check it out,” this is what Durov wrote about this.

The interview was published about 7 hours ago, and during this time it has already been viewed by more than 430,000 people.

In an interview, Durov noted that the number of Telegram users in a year could reach a billion. He also questioned the safety of platforms developed in the United States, spoke about the excessive attention paid to him by the FBI and how American intelligence agencies tried to recruit his technical employee. He also told how he was attacked on the street in the USA, how Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg tried to copy his ideas and how they both lied about their plans to each other.

The interview itself (in English) can be viewed here:

A translation into Russian also appeared on the Internet:

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