Key Google Pixel feature will soon be available on iPhone as well

April 12, 2024  14:16

In May 2024, Google will make neural network photo editing features available in the Google Photos app for iOS. Currently, these AI features are only available to Pixel smartphone users. This information comes from MacRumors.

These features are grouped together in a set called Magic Editor. They utilize generative artificial intelligence to perform various photo editing tasks, such as removing unwanted objects from photos, adjusting the position of elements, sharpening blurred faces, and faces that are out of focus, among others.

"Magic Editor allows users to quickly perform complex editing tasks that were previously only available in professional applications like Photoshop," writes MacRumors.

Initially, Magic Editor was only available to Pixel smartphone owners and Google One subscribers. Starting from May 15th, this service will be available to Google Photos users on all platforms. However, access to the service will be limited to saving no more than 10 edited photos per month.

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