Saturn and its 156 moons: NASA shows previously unpublished images (photos)

February 12, 2024  22:45

The planet Saturn is known to everyone not only for the beautiful rings surrounding it, but also for the large number of satellites, among which there may even be potentially suitable for life. NASA has published some new, truly impressive images of Saturn's moons.

saturn_00.jpg (35 KB)

The photographs may seem fantastic and unreal, but they were taken by NASA's Cassini spacecraft, which studied Saturn from 2004 to 2017. Thanks to her, scientists were able to learn about the existence of this giant planet as many as 156 satellites.

saturn_01.jpg (30 KB)

In some cases, scientists can determine the geology and structural features of satellites only from their photographs. So, Saturn has satellites that have many cracks and even geysers, which gives reason to believe that huge oceans are hidden under their surface. And on satellites with liquid water there may well be conditions for the emergence of biological life - somewhere in warm layers deep under ice or rocks.

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Titan, one of Saturn's most interesting moons, is the only moon in the Solar System with a dense atmosphere. In some photographs he looks especially impressive. In the future, NASA plans to launch a 450-kg helicopter onto Titan to learn more about it.

saturn-pandora.jpg (16 KB)

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