Xiaomi showed interior of its SU7 electric car: What features does it have?

February 12, 2024  13:32

The Chinese company Xiaomi has released several photos of the interior of its first electric car, the SU7, as well as a video of the winter test drive of the vehicle in snowy conditions. Judging by the published images, the SU7's interior features an unusually high number of buttons on the steering wheel, dashboard, and other areas.

Although the cost and delivery timeline of Xiaomi's electric car remain unknown, information about it is gradually emerging. The company's leadership had previously expressed its intention to commence deliveries in the first half of 2024, suggesting that details about the specifications and price of the SU7 will likely become available soon.

Xiaomi SU7 1.jpg (196 KB)

It is likely that the electric car will be showcased at the Beijing Auto Show in April. Regarding the price, it is speculated to be around 300,000 yuan ($42,000).

Turning back to the SU7's interior, it is noteworthy that the abundance of buttons is a surprising element. This is intriguing considering Xiaomi's identity as a technology company, which could have streamlined the button count to a minimum. The fundamental concept of the interior revolves around a beautiful and intuitive design, with all essential elements conveniently placed near the driver and front passenger.

Xiaomi SU7 2.png (380 KB)

The curved dashboard combines a projection display with a sizable touchscreen and air vents. According to developers, this dashboard shape not only physically expands the space but also provides a psychological sense of being in a more open environment. The vehicle's control interface and buttons are intuitively placed for the driver and front passenger.

The central console houses the car's start button and four switches for controlling cabin temperature, fan speed, suspension, and an active spoiler. Buttons are also present on the steering wheel and behind the levers, and information about speed and other parameters can be accessed not only from the instrument panel but also from the projection display.

Xiaomi SU7 3.jpg (81 KB)

The company asserts that physical buttons offer the most natural way for individuals to interact with the vehicle. Interestingly, a special dock station allows for the addition of more buttons, placing them beneath the touchscreen.

Xiaomi SU7 4.png (495 KB)

Xiaomi aims to ensure that its electric vehicles deliver high efficiency and range even in winter conditions. A common issue with electric cars is a significant reduction in range at low temperatures. To address this, the SU7's developers have implemented a special thermal pump. In the published video, two SU7 sedan models are seen undergoing winter testing on a snowy track at a temperature of -33 ºC.

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