Effective threat defense: Cybersecurity guide for small businesses

December 11, 2023  10:19

In an era of increasing digital technology and evolving cybercriminal tactics, small businesses are becoming increasingly vulnerable to cyber threats because, unlike larger enterprises, they have fewer resources to devote to security.

NEWS.am Tech editors present to your attention some useful tips for small businesses on ensuring cybersecurity - even with limited resources.

  1. Regularly update the software used on computers and other devices in your company, because outdated software is a breeding ground for vulnerabilities. Regularly update your operating systems, antivirus programs, and all software applications—many updates help eliminate vulnerabilities that cybercriminals can exploit.
  2. Human error remains a very common factor in cybersecurity breaches, so it is important to train employees to recognize phishing attempts, use strong passwords, and follow security guidelines when handling sensitive information.
  3. Use multi-factor authentication (MFA). Improve access control to any systems by implementing multi-factor authentication.
  4. Back up your data regularly. Data loss can be catastrophic for your business, so it's a good idea to back up your critical data regularly. Make sure backups are stored in a secure location, separate from the main network.
  5. Implement network monitoring tools to quickly detect anomalous activity. Unusual patterns or attempts at unauthorized access may indicate a potential breach. Finding out about such cases in a timely manner and quickly responding to them will help prevent or at least mitigate the consequences of a cyber attack.
  6. Partner with cybersecurity experts who specialize in helping small businesses. They can provide tailored solutions, conduct risk assessments and offer ongoing support to strengthen your defence.
  7. Secure your Wi-Fi networks with strong encryption, change default login credentials, and regularly update your router firmware to protect against potential hacks.

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