Powerful magnetic storm to hit Earth today and tomorrow: How can it affect your well-being?

November 23, 2023  12:20

On November 23, the Earth will be covered by a magnetic storm of medium intensity (K-INDEX 4, yellow level), and tomorrow, November 24, a more powerful storm is expected (K-INDEX 5, red level).

According to Meteoagent, two more red level storms occurred on November 21 and 22. A medium-intensity magnetic storm is also expected on November 25, after which solar activity will decrease for the next few days and the geomagnetic field will begin to calm down: until December 4 it will remain at a level of 2-3 points. The next 5-point storm, according to the publication, is expected on December 16.

What are magnetic storms?

Magnetic storms are a phenomenon caused by flares on the Sun, which result in the ejection of plasma into outer space. This stream of plasma reaches the Earth's surface and interacts with the magnetic field, causing magnetic storms.

How do magnetic storms affect health and well-being?

During magnetic storms, weather-dependent people may experience stress, insomnia, causeless anxiety, irritability and a feeling of fear. Doctors recommend the following measures to reduce the impact of storms on your well-being:

  • Limit your alcohol and salt intake.
  • Avoid stress and nervous stress.
  • Drink more water.
  • Get enough sleep and avoid overexertion.
  • Avoid heavy fatty foods and give preference to vegetables and fruits.

How do magnetic storms affect technology?

Magnetic storms can negatively affect the operation of equipment, especially those that depend on accurate data transmission and electromagnetic stability. Thus, storms can cause malfunctions in the operation of radar equipment and electrical appliances. In some cases, space satellites may fail, and problems with the communication network are also possible.

In some cases, magnetic storms can cause disruptions in determining locations and transmitting information via the Internet.

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