Now it will become more difficult to send spam and obscene photos: Instagram has tightened the rules for sending private messages

August 4, 2023  15:18

Instagram has taken new steps in the fight against unwanted private messages. The new restrictions introduced by the platform are aimed at reducing spam and preventing obscene content from being sent, especially to women.

According to the updated rules, senders who are not subscribers of the user can now send only one message. To continue correspondence with the recipient, you must obtain his consent to start the chat. This measure will make it harder for spammers and unwanted users to send bulk messages without the consent of the recipients.

Another important change was the restriction on the type of content that can be sent in private messages. Now, as part of the fight against inappropriate content, the ability to send photos, videos and voice messages has been disabled. Thus, spammers will not be able to abuse these content formats to spread spam.

The policy changes began with testing at the end of June and are now implemented in the new build of Instagram. The web already has a number of anti-spam tools, such as Hidden Words, which hides messages with inappropriate keywords and emojis. Now additional filters have been introduced to detect fraud and spam.

Instagram representatives justify these changes, emphasizing their importance for the safety of users, especially women. Women often encounter inappropriate content, including indecent photographs, and new restrictions could help combat this problem. Despite this, the rules cannot prevent the sending of rude text, but they are designed to prevent the distribution of images and videos that may cause discomfort or even violate privacy laws.

These changes come amid growing pressure on Instagram's parent company, Meta, from politicians and users alike to demand tougher anti-abuse measures, especially against teens. A bill is being considered in the US Senate that would require parental consent for teens to use social media. The state of Arkansas recently passed a law requiring age verification of users.

Recently an AI chatbot appeared on Instagram, which can help with writing posts. You can also reply to posts with GIFs. Among other innovations of the social network is a chat feature called Channels. Instagram has also made it possible to reply to posts with GIF images. Another innovation of the social network is the chat function called Channels.

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