3 M-class solar flares recorded: Soon there may be more powerful ones that will disrupt radio communications

July 17, 2023  12:18

Three powerful M-class solar flares were recorded on Sunday. In the near future, as scientists warn, there may be even more powerful—X-class—solar flares. This is reported in the Sunday and Monday space weather report prepared by the Fedorov Institute of Applied Geophysics.

The forecast indicates that solar activity is moderate, but X-class solar flares, including proton solar flares, are possible. Also, scientists warn about the possible deterioration of short-wave radio communication at certain times of the day.

On Sunday, researchers of the aforesaid institute recorded three powerful solar flares, one of which was accompanied by a short-wave radio communication failure. These solar flares were M class, which is considered to be of medium intensity by the intensity of X-rays. The classification of solar flares also includes classes X (most powerful) C (weakest), as well as classes A and B, which are considered almost unnoticeable.

Solar flares are accompanied by emissions of solar plasma, and their clouds, reaching the Earth, can cause magnetic storms. Therefore, scientists monitor the activity of the Sun and make predictions to warn the people and take appropriate action if necessary.

The study of solar activity and solar flares is an important area of scientific research because it enables to better understand the physical processes taking place on the Sun. In addition, such studies have practical implications in helping to predict and manage the effects of solar flares on Earth and technological systems, including communications satellites and power grids.

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