Meta is really developing an analogue of Twitter: The new application will be called Threads

July 3, 2023  16:26

Meta is really developing an analogue of Twitter. The new application will be called Threads. The company recently published this application on Google Play, but then removed it.

Mobile app developer Alessandro Paluzzi said he spotted Meta's Threads app on Google Play. According to the description of the application, we can conclude that it is an alternative to Twitter. It seems to have been published by accident, and very soon the company removed Threads from the store.

Paluzzi, however, managed to take screenshots and publish them. You can sign in to the new app with your Instagram account and transfer your following there.


Threads-1.jpg (42 KB)

Meta positions Threads as a social network where you can discuss news and other relevant topics. The interface of the application is similar to Twitter in many ways: posts have a character limit and the ability to attach media.

Threads-2.jpg (35 KB)

The fact that Meta is developing an analogue of Twitter, it became known some time ago. Recently, journalists from The Verge confirmed this. According to them, the company spoke about this at a closed conference this year. The application began to be developed in January 2023, codenamed Project 92. The exact release date of the application is still unknown.

The development of this application was the reason for the upcoming battle between Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg and Twitter CEO Elon Musk. When Musk learned that Meta was going to create a Twitter-like social network, he wrote that he was ready for a fight in the ring with Zuckerberg, to which the latter replied and told to senc him the location. Musk, in turn, answered briefly: “Las Vegas, Octagon.”

This fight is one of the most discussed topics in the world today. Everyone is wondering how the two billionaires are preparing to meet in the ring and who has a better chance of winning. It is possible that the fight can be organized in the legendary Roman Colosseum.

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