WhatsApp introducеs new feature that will enable users to follow important and interesting news

June 8, 2023  14:21

The popular messenger WhatsApp has announced that it has launched a new function. According to the developers, Channels is a simple, reliable and confidential way to follow important news about people and organizations without leaving WhatsApp.

Admins of Channels can post content to them, including messages, photos, videos, stickers, and polls. On the other hand, subscribers in Channels can only view content, but not publish it.

Channels the user is subscribed to will be located in a new tab, separate from chats and communities. WhatsApp has created a catalog of channels with different themes, from which users can choose their favorite channels.

Privacy is very important in "Channels". The channel administrator's phone number and profile photo are not visible to followers, and the subscriber's phone numbers are hidden from other channel members, including the administrator. In addition, no one will see which channels a particular user is subscribed to.

The history of publication in the channel will be kept for no more than 30 days, and then it will be deleted. The developers plan to further add the ability to delete the history from subscribers' devices before the 30-day period expires.

Admins will be able to block the ability to screenshot and send content while viewing a channel, control who is allowed to subscribe to their channels, and hide their channels from catalog search results.

First of all, the channels became available to the world's leading media and some organizations in Colombia and Singapore. In the coming months, they will appear in other countries, and any user will be able to create channels.

The Viber messenger has had the Channel function since last year.

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