WhatsApp has a new function: Who can use it?

May 29, 2023  18:13

In the beta version of the WhatsApp messenger for Android (with the number, a new feature has been added that allows the user to share his screen with the interlocutor, WABetaInfo portal reports.

The user will be able to activate this feature by clicking on the new icon in the call control panel. After that, everything that happens on the screen will be recorded and sent to the user's interlocutor.

"Note that this feature may not be available for older versions of Android and for large group calls, and the other party may not receive your screen recording if they are using an older version of WhatsApp," the messenger said in a statement.

It is possible to stop screen recording at any time. In addition, the function will be available only if the user has previously allowed the messenger to broadcast the contents of his smartphone to third parties.

Recently, WhatsApp has added some new features. One of them allows you to edit the sent messages. Additionally, a message can be edited multiple times, but within 15 minutes of sending. The recipient will see that the message has been edited, but will not see the entire editing history.

Another feature allows you to protect private correspondence with a password or biometric data. Recently, WhatsApp also announced that it is developing a new feature: users will be able to create nicknames for themselves, which will make it easier to find them in contacts without a phone number.


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