iPhone 14 Pro batteries swell, screens tear։ iPhone 14 Pro Max owners are also dissatisfied (photo)

May 12, 2023  14:10

iPhone 14 Pro users in China have been complaining about a number of issues they've been facing with the phone lately. Owners of this smartphone have noticed that the battery can swell during normal use, as a result of which the screen begins to tear from the phone case.

A user who bought an iPhone 14 Pro last December said that the phone's battery swelled and the screen was torn, but technical support did not replace the phone with a new one, even though they initially promised.


Many have faced this problem and reported that they sent their smartphones to the service for replacement, but the service did not replace the phones with new ones, only fixed the swelling problem and did not give any details about the battery. Apple probably just replaces swollen batteries with new ones in such cases, sometimes not even that։ in some cases, the service replies to users that the smartphone "does not require service".


It is not yet known how widespread this problem is. Apple has not made any official statements regarding this.


Problems with the iPhone 14 Pro, as well as other smartphones in the iPhone 14 series, have been occurring since their release. In the past, users have complained that the iPhone 14 Pro with eSIM loses signal and is slower than the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13. Sometimes the signal simply disappears during the transition between 4G and 5G and only recovers after a few seconds.

Users also complain that the appearance of the smartphone deteriorates very quickly, and the back panel is very vulnerable to damage (scratches occur even on phones displayed in stores), especially the purple version. According to users, the matte layer is coming off from the back panel.

iPhone 14 Pro Max is also problematic։ screens keep burning

Meanwhile, iPhone 14 Pro Max users are also unhappy. Once again, the screen of this smartphone burned, but the company did not take responsibility for it։ the owner sent the smartphone to the service center, but after the test, Apple announced that "the smartphone has no problems and can be used in normal mode".


The owner was also shown the conclusion of the inspection carried out by specialists, in which it was stated that a planned diagnosis of the device was carried out: software update, recovery and a forced restart of the device. As expected, the burnt screen problem did not go away after these actions.

It should be noted that both the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max have recently had an always-on screen mode, and some time after its launch, users began to complain that the phones' screens were burning.

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