Apple watchOS to get a new interface: What features will it have?

May 1, 2023  14:00

Apple intends to seriously revise and improve watchOS 10, the software for smart watches. As Bloomberg notes, widgets will once again become an important part of the device. Apart from that, Apple is also working on new health tracking features.

In 2015, the Apple Watch interface was based on four main elements: a watch face, Glances widgets, a home screen, and quick access to the area with the most frequently used contacts. Later, more attention began to be paid to notifications and multitasking, and widgets and frequent contacts were pushed into the background.

Now, according to Bloomberg columnist Mark Gurman, widgets will be able to restore their former meaning and role. The new interface software will combine the features of previous Glances widgets and the style of widgets introduced in iOS 14 for iPhone. However, the new interface software is expected to be less iPhone-like and much more typical of dedicated smartwatches.

After the update, it will be possible to browse widgets responsible for specific functions, and there will be no need to launch applications from the main screen. In the new version of the operating system, pressing the side wheel on the Apple Watch will bring up widgets instead of the home screen of apps.

As a result of these changes, users will be able to have easier and faster access to the information they need. However, switching to the new interface software may not be obligatory, so that more conservative users can continue to use the old software they are used to.

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