Apple creates fabric watch strap that changes color

February 22, 2023  16:20

Apple has patented a fabric strap for smart watches that can change color, Apple Insider reported.

The strap has an electrochromic coating that allows to literally change color depending on the situation. Thus, the user will be able to pick up the color of the belt to his mood or the color of his clothes.

In general, Apple provides several scenarios for changing the color of the strap at the request of the owner when installing a new watch face, as well as when receiving notifications or displaying some information or widget.

With an adjustable watch strap color, elements can be positioned and controlled independently so that the system can display icons, shapes and/or text, highlighting certain elements in a particular way, the company explained.

Apple also noted that color choices can be made and customized without removing or changing the watch strap. Accordingly, multiple colors can be displayed at different times without requiring different time zones for each color or combination of colors.

It is known that the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has already granted Apple a patent for the electrochromic strap, but it is unknown if and when the new development will reach the shelves.

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