Three games with great gameplay that can be replayed over and over again

February 6, 2023  20:42

For some gamers, the most important thing in games is an interesting story, for others – beautiful, realistic graphics, and for some – good gameplay that makes you replay the game or individual missions over and over again.

We offer you three games with excellent gameplay, which are definitely worth to play.

1. Desperados III

Desperados III is a real-time tactical stealth game developed by Mimimi Games and released in 2020. Many gamers know this studio from their other game – Shadow Tactics։ Blades of the Shogun. Desperados III is very similar to Shadow Tactics; same genre, same mechanics, even the graphics and style are similar, but the action takes place in the Wild West, not in Edo-era Japan.

Desperados III is one of those games where the plot takes a back seat, and all the player's attention is focused on the gameplay. Yes, the plot is interesting in its own way, and the characters are really charismatic and memorable, but most of the time you just won't pay attention to all that, focusing entirely on which areas appear in the viewcone of the enemies appear, how to choose the right moment to sneak past them, and how to combine the abilities of the five characters in the most original and effective way to complete your task.

Many missions you'll go through over and over again, trying not only to complete your task, but also to do it under special conditions; for example, never touch the bushes, or kill all the enemies on the map and hide all the bodies, or, conversely, complete the task without killing anyone. From time to time you'll reload your saves over and over and spend hours thinking about how to use the environment in the most advantageous and original way; it's not just about huge rocks that you can drop on enemies' heads and cause an "accident," that's too easy, but also, for example, about mud where trails can be left (which you can use to lure your enemies into traps) or use the other features of the location in any other way. And every success will give you great satisfaction.

2. This War Of Mine

This War of Mine is a cross-platform survival simulation game developed by Polish studio 11 bit studios and released in 2014. Usually in war games, players take on the roles of brave soldiers armed to the teeth. Here you will have to take responsibility for civilians who are trying to survive in a city during a civil war.

Your characters, which can be men, women, old people and even children (the latter were added to the game with a separate DLC), in the midst of war find themselves in a dilapidated house, which needs to be fortified and protected from looters. They must regularly find food, water, medicine and bandages. They must also find means to survive the cold of winter. In addition, they must do their best not to catch cold, get sick, or die from illnesses or wounds caused by robbers regularly attacking their shelter, or by enemies outside the shelter where one of the characters regularly goes in search of supplies.

In this game you will often have to make difficult moral decisions that will directly affect the characters' emotional state and their future fate. For example, if a character is forced to kill and pillage civilians in order to save himself and his friends from starvation, he may become depressed and start drinking alcohol. And it is likely that even if he survives safely to the end of the game (which coinsides with the end of the war), he will not be able to "digest" what he has seen and experienced and achieve a happy ending.

3. Life is Strange

Life Is Strange is an interactive movie-adventure game developed by French company Dontnod Entertainment and released in 2015. If you've always wanted to feel like a time lord, this game is exactly what you need. And it doesn't matter that the main character is a teenage girl, the game is sure to interest you, even if you are a 40-year-old programmer.

The game's plot is rather interesting, though there is nothing extraordinary in it. The main character Max Caulfield and her friend Chloe have to solve the mysterious disappearance of a girl named Rachel Amber. The game has many objects and characters that you can interact with, as well as dialogueswhere you can choose responses from several versions that are available to you. However, unlike all other games of the genre, the main character can turn back time. Though she can manipulate a short period of time, that is enough to, for example, get interesting information in a dialogue, go back in time, talk to the same person again and have a different conversation, and maybe learn something new from the NPC. This feature makes the gameplay truly unique and unusual.

But sometimes the character can't turn back time. And, of course, it will happen at the most crucial moments. So if you fail to save some NPC's life, for example, you will not be able to go back and fix the situation. On the one hand, you will have to live with the consequences of your mistake. On the other hand, it will be a reason to replay the game.

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