Microsoft is closing AltspaceVR project and will focus on Microsoft Mesh

January 23, 2023  13:10

Microsoft plans to close the social platform AltspaceVR, working with virtual reality technology, the corporation announced in its official blog.

The company also said that it will be available until 2023. March 10 and recalled that AltspaceVR's My Data section allows users to access and save their data within the platform.

This decision was not an easy one, as many have come to love this platform as a place where people can discover their identity, express themselves and find community, the company said in the blog post.

Microsoft released AltspaceVR in 2013. The company also planned to develop a virtual space for user interaction, gaming and dating. Microsoft explained that they put a lot of effort into this project and tried to make it a powerful social interaction tool.

Now Microsoft plans to improve the user experience in the virtual space and wants to provide a safer and more accessible environment. And it was decided to close AltspaceVR and focus all the attention and energy of the development team on Microsoft Mesh.

Microsoft Mesh .png (3.13 MB)

Microsoft Mesh is a virtual space for collaboration, learning and entertainment. Users can connect to the virtual space from any device, including mobile devices, computers, VR helmets and HoloLens 2 branded headsets. Mesh also has integration with Microsoft Teams, allowing the virtual avatar to be used during group calls.

Microsoft is planning to implement massive layoffs. According to Reuters, the number of layoffs will be about 6,000 people, and according to Sky News, Microsoft will cut about 5 percent of its workforce, or about 11,000 employees.

According to media reports, the largest number of layoffs are planned in divisions involved in developing and consulting solutions for customers and partners. According to Bloomberg, layoffs are also planned in a number of engineering departments, with more layoffs in those departments than last year.

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