Changing business philosophy, applying smart technologies: Armen Baldryan shares his views about smart management

December 13, 2022  20:41

Today, it is necessary to change the business philosophy in Armenia and it should take into account the current developments in the sphere of modern technologies. Armen Baldryan, the president of the Union of Employers of Information and Communication Technologies, whose organization is holding the SILICON MOUNTAINS 2022 summit in Armenia for the fourth time, told Tech․ Тhe goal of the summit is to show the private and public sectors how modern technologies can contribute to their development.

According to Armen Baldryan, the summit gives businesses and other sectors an opportunity to see what technology can do to develop their businesses. "And here it is very important to change the very philosophy of business, because only with the help of technology, that is, what we do today manually, let's do automatically, it is not yet a revolutionary solution. The very philosophy of business should be changed, the business model in general should be changed taking into account today's technological developments," he says.

Armen Baldryan notes that after the previous summit active discussions started. "We see steps on the state level on implementation and application of technologies, which is positive. But the development of the sector and the world is such that we always expect faster and bolder steps," he says.

The private sector is more passive

Speaking of smart management, the president of the Information and Communications Technology Employers Union notes that while the public sector has some plans and is taking some steps, the private sector today is more passive.

"And here it is important to understand why the private sector is passive. There may be financial and personnel problems. In that sense, the application of smart management in the private sector, in the public sector is very important and is being discussed," he says, adding that the union will formulate clear steps to be taken and will present them to both the government and private companies.

"Intelligent management is about changing the management model in general with today's technology and, of course, the technology of the future. Because if you change something, you have to consider how relevant it will be five years from now. And the critical point here is a dramatic increase in the quality of service and a dramatic increase in speed. I think the most important thing for the user is to be served very quickly and with high quality," he explains.

Why is smart management important?

According to Armen Baldryan, smart management is important for several reasons. Firstly, if the management is smart, the level of satisfaction of people will increase, people will be more content with the management. The second is transparency of management, because everyone at the same time can see and even participate in the management if necessary, which means all processes will be much more transparent, faster and more visible.

"In terms of public management, that's the main thing. And in terms of managing private businesses, again, employee involvement, because good ideas also remain outside of private business. And, of course, the development of competitive business," he says.

Armen Baldryan notes that, for example, per capita GDP productivity in Armenia is quite low, and it can be improved only with the help of smart technologies.

"And here, the awareness of the business itself is very important, so that they estimate the real power of using these technologies. At first glance it seems that it is expensive to assess some technologies, but when you analyze the situation for several years and understand where your business will go, there may be a sharp growth. And this will increase the competitiveness of the Armenian economy on the international market," he assures.

Smart people and smart technologies

Answering the question about how smart management is in Armenia and what needs to be done to make it smarter, Armen Baldryan argues that smart is relative.

"For example, I don't understand the model of management in Armenia, not to mention the prospective model, which model of state or business we are building. It is very important to understand it, to model and predict the perspective development on the basis of this model. In other words, there should be smart people and smart technologies. Maybe there are smart people, but we lack smart technology," says Armen Baldryan, president of the Union of Employers of Information and Communication Technologies.

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