Android 15 beta 3 has been released: What features does it have?

June 19, 2024  20:10

The Android 15 Beta 3 mobile operating system has been released and has received Platform Stability status, which means that API for developers and changes related to platform applications will no longer be made, and software products focused on Android 15 can already be released on Google Play.

The third beta version of Android 15 opens up new opportunities for working with media data and artificial intelligence, opportunities to use devices of different shapes and non-standard sizes, improved battery efficiency and application stability, increased user privacy and security. All these changes apply to different series of devices.

In applications optimized for Android 15, access keys protected by biometric data or a lock code have become the main method of authorization when accessing user accounts. If it is disabled, the system will offer alternative login options; all available options will be displayed on the system keyboard or drop-down lists in the input fields. Third-party developers will be able to implement the system authentication mechanism.

The Android WebView component no longer supports WebSQL. The setDatabaseEnabled and getDatabaseEnabled parameters are deprecated. WebSQL was previously removed from Chrome and will no longer work in Android WebView. Over the next 12 months, these methods will be disabled on all versions of Android.

Google also urged developers to pay attention to several important technical innovations in Android 15. In particular, there was a change in the FLAG_STOPPED package. Applications remain in a suspended state until the user launches them or indirectly interacts with them.

The system also received 16 kilobytes of page memory support. if an application is developed using Android Native Development Kit (NDK) tools that provide access to the physical components of the device, such applications must be recompiled to support 16KB pages.

The "Private Space" function also appeared in Android 15. This is a space on the device where secret apps can be stored under an extra layer of authentication.

The list of devices on which Android 15 can be installed is available on a separate page. Alternatively, download 64-bit system images and run them using the Android Studio emulator.

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