YouTube blocks opposition content in Russia at authorities’ request

May 21, 2024  13:44

YouTube has begun to cooperate with the Russian authorities in order to comply with the requirements of the country's legislation, Deputy Chairman of the Information Policy, Information Technologies and Communications Committee of the Russian State Duma Andrei Svintsov told

As a result, YouTube blocked three videos about avoiding military service in Russia. The videos were posted on the channels "Watch in Volgograd" ("Дозор в Волгограде"), "School of the Programmer" ("Школа програмника") (the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation included this organization in the list of foreign agents) and another independent regional media.

The reason for the blocking was the request of state institutions. According to Svintsov, YouTube can continue cooperation with Russia in order to avoid a complete blocking of the social network in the country, taking into account that now Russian analogues of video hosting sites are being actively created.

"It is quite possible to prevent the blocking, because now Russian analogues of YouTube are actively being created. We hope video hosting will continue to do so. It will cooperate with Russia along with local services," Svintsov said.

He also noted that other foreign companies, such as Microsoft, are also beginning to approach Russia, which indicates a possible slow return of Western companies to the Russian market.

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