Armenia takes 89th place in terms of mobile Internet speed, but leads region in terms of fixed line speed

April 16, 2024  14:30

As of March 2024, Armenia ranks 89th in the world in terms of mobile Internet speed: the country’s position has worsened by 9 points compared to last month. In terms of the speed of fixed broadband communications, the country ranks 96th in the world and has risen one point compared to December.

According to the Speedtest Global Index report, the average download speed when using mobile Internet in Armenia today is 29.07 Mbps, and the upload speed is 12.68 Mbps. As for fixed-line communications, we are talking about speeds of 52.76 Mbit/s and 50.37 Mbit/s, respectively.

In comparison, the global average, according to the report, is 52.98 Mbps and 11.48 Mbps for downloads and uploads on the mobile network and 93.28 Mbps and 45.46 Mbps on the fixed network.

The fastest mobile Internet today, according to the Speedtest Global Index, can be found in Qatar (download speed there is 313.30 Mbps), followed by the UAE (286.00 Mbps) and Kuwait (228.64 Mbps). Interestingly, the US ranks 9th on this list with a download speed of 129.26 Mbps. China ranks 7th (143.73 Mbps), India is 16th (105.85 Mbps), Russia is 111th (24.88 Mbps). As for the countries of the region, Georgia is in 69th place (38.10 Mbit/s), Turkey is in 72nd (37.45 Mbit/s), and Azerbaijan is in 56th (50.12 Mbit/s).

As for the fixed Internet, Singapore is in first place (download - 284.13 Mbit/s), the UAE is in second (276.02 Mbit/s), and Hong Kong is in third (274.26 Mbit/s). In this list, the USA is already in 5th place (254.01 Mbit/s), Russia is in 65th (87.28 Mbit/s), India is in 92nd (61.84 Mbit/s), and China is in 8th (241.69 Mbps).

In the region, Armenia, as it turns out, is the leader in fixed-line Internet speed. Georgia was in 131st place (26.87 Mbit/s), Turkey - 110 (43.10 Mbit/s), and Azerbaijan - 117 (38.32 Mbit/s).

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