The 5 most controversial buildings ever built: Bold design or complete failure? (photo)

April 15, 2024  20:24

Architecture is a very interesting form of art, perceived by people differently: to some, a building may seem like a real masterpiece, to others - a complete failure.

The editors of Tech present to your attention 5 controversial buildings that have caused and continue to cause heated debate among specialists and ordinary people.

The Gherkin, London

This glass skyscraper in London was nicknamed "The Gherkin" for its resemblance to a pickled cucumber. It was designed by the famous architect Norman Foster. Although the building was praised for its innovative design and energy efficiency, it was initially criticized for its unusual shape and the potential for it to overshadow historic landmarks. Today, however, The Gherkin is considered a landmark in its own right, showcasing London's architectural diversity.

The Gherkin.jpg (232 KB)

The Louvre Pyramid, Paris

The Louvre Pyramid in Paris, designed by Chinese-American architect I.M. Pei, caused outrage upon its opening in the late 1980s. Critics felt the modern glass and metal structure clashed with the historic Louvre Palace, a symbol of French heritage. Today, the Louvre Pyramid is considered a widely recognized part of the Parisian landscape.

The Louvre Pyramid.jpg (514 KB)

Walkie Talkie, London

Nicknamed "Walkie Talkie" due to its distinctive curved shape, the skyscraper has also received mixed reviews. The building's concave structure reflected sunlight onto neighboring buildings, causing them to overheat and potentially causing property damage to the people living there. The architects were forced to equip the building with additional shading devices to mitigate the problem.

The Walkie Talkie.jpg (105 KB)

National Stadium, Beijing

This iconic stadium, also known as the Bird's Nest, was designed for the 2008 Beijing Olympics. The stadium's complex interlocking steel structure has been praised for its architectural ingenuity. However, critics have pointed to the enormous amount of energy and resources required to build it, raising concerns about the environmental impact. Additionally, the limited use of the stadium following the Olympics has led to debate about the cost-effectiveness of such large-scale projects.

The National Stadium Beijing.jpg (109 KB)

Dancing House, Prague

This deconstructivist masterpiece in Prague, designed by architects Frank Gehry and Vlado Milunić, stands out from the city's predominantly baroque architecture. The building, nicknamed the "Dancing House" for its resemblance to a dancing couple, was initially met with disapproval - many considered its design disrespectful to the surrounding historical buildings. However, the Dancing House has become a popular tourist attraction and a symbol of modern Prague architecture.

The Dancing House Prague.jpg (137 KB)

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