Unitree Robotics unveils its new robot that dances, walks up stairs and sets new speed record

March 5, 2024  16:22

The Chinese company Unitree Robotics has published a video describing the capabilities of its new modification of its humanoid H1 robot (H1 Evolution V3.0), which dances, walks on stairs, and walks on a flat surface at a speed of 3.3 m/s. According to Unitree, this is a new world record for a humanoid robot.

The original Unitree H1 humanoid robot was introduced in December last year. It has a height of 1805 mm, weighs about 47 kg and can carry a load of up to 30 kg. Each of his legs has five degrees of freedom of movement thanks to existing hip, knee and ankle joints. The shoulder and elbow joints provide four degrees of freedom of movement for the robot arms.

This video shows the original robot.

An Intel RealSense D435i depth measuring camera and a Livox MID-360 360° lidar are installed on the robot's head, the data of which are analyzed in real time by two Intel Core i7-1265U processors. The original Unitree H1 is able to maintain its balance and keep walking even when obstacles are created by pushing it.

The functionality of the H1 Evolution V3.0 version of the humanoid robot shown in the video is much higher than the original. Not only does he walk fast, but he also dances, showing full body coordination, climbs and descends stairs, and makes high jumps.

This video shows the new H1 Evolution V3.0 version of the robot.

Powering the H1's legs is Unitree's proprietary M107 electric motor. Humanoid robots like Boston Dynamics' Atlas use more powerful but bulkier and heavier hydraulic motors to jump. And achieving such driving results with electric motors is an impressive achievement on the part of the Unitree developers.

It is reported that the release of Unitree H1 may start in three years. It is expected that the price of the humanoid robot will be about 90,000 dollars.

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