New virus allows hackers to steal crypto wallets from Apple computer users

January 25, 2024  14:16

The macOS operating system has a backdoor - an algorithm defect that allows attackers to steal crypto wallets from Apple computer users. Information security specialists from Kaspersky Lab discovered the problem.

A backdoor gives attackers the ability to mask malicious traffic generated by a computer, thereby making virus activity undetectable to macOS security systems. To exploit this vulnerability, hackers created a Trojan that steals crypto wallet credentials.

The Trojan, like many similar viruses, is usually embedded in pirated versions of programs. When a user downloads such software and installs it on his computer, the system asks him to enter his administrator login and password. When the user enters them, the virus takes control of the device and transfers control to the attacker. He quietly changes the icon of a legitimate crypto wallet to the icon of a fake one. And when the victim activates the fake application and enters the authorization data from his real wallet, the attackers also receive this data - and use it to steal cryptocurrency from the real wallet.

According to Kaspersky Lab specialists, computers running macOS version 13.6 and higher are susceptible to this threat.

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