10 IT professions that will be in high demand and highly paid in 2024

January 13, 2024  15:34

Want to get an IT degree but don't know what to study? This year's list of high-paying, promising and in-demand professions compiled by NEWS.am Tech can help you in this matter.

1. DevOps Engineer

DevOps engineers undoubtedly remain among the most sought after this year. These specialists bring all parts of the project together. They are familiar with the specifics of the work of developers, testers, system administrators and other professionals and help simplify their work. They also understand the needs of the business or customer and help create a workflow around those needs.

2. Software Architect

Almost every large company is looking to improve existing applications or create new ones, so software and application architects who design the core parts of an application (user interface, middleware, etc.) will continue to be in high demand.

3. Data scientist

Data scientists, including big data engineers, who build and maintain the infrastructure for working with data, including big data, and their pre-processing, will also be in high demand.

4. Information security manager

The topic of data security and privacy is more relevant today than ever. Therefore, the professions whose holders provide this security are also relevant: information systems security managers/analysts, network security engineers, system security administrators, data security analysts, etc.

5. Engineer-programmer

Software engineers (also called programmers/developers) are responsible for creating software. The demand for such specialists, especially experienced ones, is high in all fields, and their salaries are high. Many hiring managers look for professionals with experience in C#, C++, or Java, as well as the .NET Framework.

6. ERP integration manager

ERP (enterprise resource planning) integration managers lead the implementation of enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems in an organization and projects to improve those systems. Such specialists are in great demand, especially since there are quite a few of them in the labor market.

7. Senior Web Developer

Senior web developers work on designing, building and optimizing web applications and websites. There are many web developers on the job market today, but the truly experienced ones will have no trouble finding work.

8. IT director

The IT director is a specialist who manages the information technology department of the company and is responsible for the functionality of the existing infrastructure, determines the development strategy of the sector, taking into account business requirements, and is also involved in the automation of business processes.

9. Cloud architect

A cloud solution architect (or simply cloud architect) is a professional who manages a company's cloud architecture. His responsibilities include everything related to business virtualization (software platforms, storage, servers, networks, etc.). Any company that decides to move to the cloud needs such specialists.

10. Database developer

A database developer is a professional who creates, tests, and maintains databases. The demand for such specialists is quite high, and it is unlikely to decrease in the foreseeable future.

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