What happens on the Internet every minute? People started searching more, writing more on X and watching less videos

December 15, 2023  18:24

The 11th annual edition of the Data Never Sleeps infographic has been published, focusing on what happens on the internet every minute. Since 2013, experts from the analytical company Domo have diligently gathered and aggregated data on the functioning of the internet. Ben Schein, Senior Vice President of Domo Products, mentioned that every year the company summarizes what is popular, what is happening in culture, while maintaining composure and encapsulating it in just one pie chart.

Domo's analysts highlighted several notable annual statistical indicators of events occurring on the internet every minute:

  • Sent emails: In 2022 — 231.4 million, in 2023 — 241 million, in 2013 — 204 million.
  • Google search queries: In 2022 — 5.9 million, in 2023 — 6.3 million, in 2013 — 2 million.
  • Tweets: In 2022 — 347,200, in 2023 — 360,000, in 2013 — 100,000.
  • Streaming video views: In 2022 — 114 years, in 2023 — 43 years (reduction due to the end of the pandemic).

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The only company to appear in all 11 releases of Domo's statistics since 2013 is Instagram. This year, Instagram earned two "nominations": the frequency of sending Reels through direct messages (694,000 times per minute) and the number of downloads of the Threads app (3720 times per minute) since its launch in July. Previously, the company led in other categories; for example, in 2017, Instagram users were posting 46,740 photos per minute.

A new and collectively captivating aspect of the internet this year is the mention of generative artificial intelligence, specifically that ChatGPT receives a total of 6944 requests every minute.

Perhaps the most significant information from Domo is the number of internet users worldwide, which reached 5.2 billion people, or 64.6% of the global population. This is more than twice the 2.1 billion people who had internet access in 2013.

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