Hackers attack Apple computers through fake updates

November 28, 2023  10:17

Apple computer users have become targets of hacker attacks via malware distributed under the guise of fake browser update notifications. According to BleepingComputer, the malware enters computers through hacked websites and is disguised in fake files that imitate updates for the Google Chrome and Apple Safari browsers.

Analysis showed that these fake updates contained the RedLine, Amadey and Lumma viruses.

The attack uses the Atomic Stealer program, which hackers distribute through Telegram groups at a cost of $1,000. Once activated, this program can steal passwords, cookies, credit card information, and also gain access to local files on the infected computer.

NEWS.am Tech has already reported about virus-infected fake updates for Chrome and Safari. The attack, called ClearFake, uses a scheme in which a Google Search advertising banner appears on websites offering to download a browser update.

In order to avoid leakage of personal and financial data, it is recommended not to download applications and their updates from unreliable sources. The likelihood of encountering problems when downloading something from an official source is, of course, not zero, but it is significantly lower than when downloading anything from an unknown site. If you are going to download something, make sure that you are on the right site, and not on a resource that only imitates the one you know (with a similar design and a similar address).

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