Microsoft preparing light version of Windows 12: It will work on very cheap computers and laptops

September 29, 2023  17:45

Microsoft is preparing a lightweight version of the Windows 12 operating system, aimed at very cheap PCs and laptops. This new cloud-based version of Windows 12 will compete with ChromeOS, which has long been popular in the educational device and affordable laptop market. The news of the development of a cloud version of Windows 12 was revealed by WindowsLatest, citing sources close to Microsoft and its industry partners.

The cloud version of Windows 12 follows the operating principles of the already well-known ChromeOS operating system from Google. ChromeOS is widely used in schools and universities, as well as on affordable educational laptops and PCs due to its affordability and ease of use.

WindowsLatest reports that the cloud version of Windows 12 will not replace the traditional desktop operating system, but will offer an alternative to Chrome OS. Microsoft's goal is to create a modern, modular and lightweight version of Windows designed for affordable educational devices.

Microsoft has already begun building a development team for the next generation of Windows, as evidenced by job postings. According to WindowsLatest, the next generation of Windows is expected in 2024.

According to reports, the Microsoft Edge browser and a new artificial intelligence system will be the centerpieces of the first web version of Windows 12. With this, Microsoft can create a more modern and competitive operating system designed to meet the need for affordable and easy-to-manage devices for education and everyday use.

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