What phones are more often bought in the US and which company is the market leader?

July 31, 2023  20:21

While the Chinese smartphone market is almost entirely split between six manufacturers, there are really only two or three major players in the US market.

According to Counterpoint, in the second quarter of the current year, Apple dominated the US market with its 55% share, which is twice the figure of Samsung, whose share is 23%.

In other words, both companies control 78% of the market in total. Simply put, US residents have little interest in smartphones unless they are iPhones or Samsungs.

US-Smartphone-Shipment-Share-by-OEM-2-1024x520_large.png (213 KB)

However, 9% of the mobile phone market belongs to Motorola. In fact, Motorola holds roughly the same share relative to Samsung as Samsung holds relative to Apple. Another 3% is occupied by Alcatel/TCL and the same amount by Google.

Over the year, Apple increased its share by 10 percentage points, Motorola maintained its position and Samsung lost 5 percentage points. Importantly, Alcatel/TCL's share has more than halved, while Google's has tripled․


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