Too realistic: Developer shows shooter teaser that simulates personal DVR camera

October 14, 2022  13:44

Technical artist and game developer Alexander Spindler from France, also known under the pseudonym esankiy, showed screenshots of the shooter he is working on now on his Twitter. The game creates the imitation of a personal DVR camera, which, in the opinion of many users, looks too realistic and even creepy.

The video shows the gameplay of yet untitled game: the main character walks around the abandoned building and shoots the enemies with his gun. It looks so realistic, that it looks like this footage was really captured by the video camera.

On the other hand, the details matter: the animation of movements and the too-playful muzzle flame when shooting.

The appearance of the game is a bit like the original DOOM, where the first-person view also in its own way imitates the chest camera.

esankiy new shooter game

Many users consider the future esankiy game 'creepy.' ApplefatGov, in particular, wrote that it looks like what politicians in the '90s would have called an assassin simulator.

The developer has not yet revealed any information about the shooter. According to its profile, however, we can assume that the game is created on the Unreal Engine - version 4 or 5. Anyway, the project seems to be very interesting, and if it lives to release, it will probably attract a lot of attention.

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