What main camera will the iPhone 15 Pro Max get?

April 24, 2023  21:51

Apple's iPhone 15 Pro Max flagship smartphone will receive the most expensive Sony IMX903 sensor as the main camera, Ice Universe insider, who is considered reliable and has made many correct predictions, informs about this.

According to the source, the size of the matrix in the IMX903 will be 1/1.14 inches, which is a little smaller than those used in modern Android flagships։ аs a rule, manufacturers put one-inch sensors in them. Last year's iPhone 14 Pro Max had a camera with a 1/1.28-inch sensor.

According to multiple sources, the IMX903 will have better performance than Samsung's flagship 200MP HP2 sensor. Thanks to the solution provided by Sony, despite the small size of the matrix and the resolution of 48 megapixels, it will be able to capture 20% more light, and will also have support for the 14-bit DNG RAW format.

Moreover, according to Ice Universe, the new sensor will cost almost twice as much as the Sony IMX989-inch sensor used in the previously introduced Xiaomi 13 Ultra.

What camera the 15 Pro model of iPhones to be presented in September of this year will have, has not yet been announced. It is possible that the smartphone will retain the sensor used in the iPhone 14 Pro.

Earlier, NEWS.am Tech reported that only the iPhone 15 Pro Max from Apple's iPhone 15 series can get a camera with 5x or 6x optical zoom. For comparison, the iPhone 14 Pro Max has 3x optical zoom.

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