ChatGPT learns to write virus programs: Dangerous? Who can be affected?

February 8, 2023  20:14

The ChatGPT chatbot created by the Open AI company and powered by artificial intelligence (AI) has learned to create virus programs that target specific features and vulnerabilities of the operating system. This was announced by Roman Dremliuga, Deputy Director for Development of the Institute of Mathematics and Computer Technologies of the Far Eastern Federal University of Russia

He said that criminals always adapt very quickly to technological innovations and when some new, effective tool appears, they try to adapt it to their goals. Moreover, they do it very quickly.

"Already now one can find examples of how this system is used to create malicious code with features needed for certain operating systems, certain problems, certain vulnerabilities, completely customized. Now, for the most part, this is done by security professionals for testing purposes. But we are well aware that this means that cybercriminals have long since included this in their arsenal,” Dremliuga said.

According to TASS news agency, he added that cybercriminals used AI in the past, too, but now even an ordinary person, without the appropriate skills, can create viruses using ChatGPT.

According to him, in the future, cybercriminals will be able to use AI to find new methods of stealing money and personal data of users. So, the latter should increase their overall IT knowledge to protect themselves from such illegal activities.

The Open AI company launched the ChatGPT chatbot at the end of 2022. The service communicates with the user in an interactive mode, can answer additional questions, admit its mistakes, discuss any question with a person, reject inappropriate requests, etc.

The chatbot came under fire when university students started using it to pass exams and prepare academic papers, which ChatGPT is a master at. Thus, Open ChatGPT passed the final exam at one of the best business schools; over 80% of applicants for a specific job performed the test task so well that HR specialists invited it for an interview. Even judges have started using it. A judge in Colombia used ChatGPT to rule on a controversial case.

After the launch of ChatGPT, a serious competition has started between the IT giants. Google has announced that it is launching a chatbot with AI, which will become the main competitor of ChatGPT. The chatbot, named Bard, will initially be available only to a group of testers, but will be rolled out to the general public in the coming weeks. Chinese company Baidu has also announced that it will soon launch its own ChatGPT-style chatbot.

In addition, Microsoft and OpenAI have gone a step further by introducing an updated version of the Bing search engine based on ChatGPT. Companies expect AI to take this web search service to a whole new level, not only providing more complete answers to user queries, but also enabling content creation.

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