GIF22 faces: 5 FAST questions to Marvin Liao

September 29, 2022  18:02

In a few days, Yerevan will host prominent scientists, entrepreneurs, and high representatives of leading international companies and organizations to attend the 4th Global Innovation Forum (GIF22) entitled "Life-Altering Technologies". At the heart of this international forum organized by the Foundation for Armenian Science and Technology are discussions on Artificial Intelligence and its impact on human lives.

Prior to GIF22, Tech talked to the speakers of the forum. We present to you investor Marvin Liao, who is currently a Partner at Diaspora Ventures and has accumulated extensive investment experience in startups at 500 Startups. Marvin Liao will moderate the panel discussion on tectonic changes in the investment world from a Venture Fund perspective.

What are the key points to be highlighted in the panel discussion moderated by you?

The Discussion will be on AI and Venture Capital trends and what the present and future might look like based on these developments. Ultimately, I am very bullish on technology growth and the adoption of AI into every sphere of human life and into every industry.

Could you please briefly introduce the peculiarities of AI applications in the field that you are currently working on?

The reality is AI is very broad, there are basic tool sets like Machine learning and basic algorithms for very complicated applications. I think there is much cynicism about AI due to the overuse of this term. AI in my view is a horizontal product and is meant to be working in the background. The biggest challenges understand how the underlying algorithms work and also the front-facing interfaces can be used by more people. For example, users tend to be more specialists now and for AI to really have an impact, the UX needs to be much more accessible to everyone.

How has the field changed in the past 5 years? What do you predict for the next 5 to 10 years?

I think we are seeing many new tools like Dall-E and GPT 3 are making the AI tools much more accessible and i expect we will see more of these type of products coming out and becoming more popular. 

What is the biggest challenge in the AI industry at the moment?

Negative PR, negative views on AI (think Skynet in the Terminator), too much hype and expectations on what AI really is and what it can do. We are in early days of AI growth. 

What is your motivation to take part in #GIF22 and what will be the best outcome for the audience to attend GIF?

I was fortunate to attend and participate in #GIF19 and eager to see how the local startup ecosystem has progressed since then. I hope the audience will come away inspired and eager to participate in the technology industry. 

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