Android now can record your own sounds for alarm clock and timer

January 17, 2023  16:20

Android created an opportunity to record your own sounds and set them as a signal for the alarm clock and timer.

In fact, users have previously been able to set their own audio files as an alarm signal. But it was more difficult than now: to do it, you had to copy the necessary audio files with the help of a file manager, add them via the sound settings menu and set them as an alarm signal.

Now the function of sound recording appeared directly in the Clock app, which will noticeably simplify the process of setting the custom alarm and timer signal: it will be possible to record any sound on the recorder – including some message, cat meow or any other sound that can come to your mind.

android new alarm feature

For now, the innovation is only available in Google Pixel smartphones. However, experts hope that it will get Android devices and other manufacturers.

Meanwhile, iPhones don't yet have the ability to set any sound on the call, alarm or notification sound. 

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