Glass smartphone, AR glasses and a single-chip Bluetooth system: Oppo presents new products

December 15, 2022  12:30

The Chinese company Oppo introduced a number of interesting new products during the Inno Day 2022 event, including an all-glass smartphone, augmented reality glasses, a new single-chip Bluetooth system, as well as a health monitoring device, wireless headphones and smart watches.

Oppo often shows off prototypes that never end up in production, so it's hard to say if we'll see all these products in the market. But they look promising.

Glass smartphone

In the photos published by the Equal Library Telegram channel, you can see a conceptual smartphone that differs in its structure from the 'ordinary' ones: its body is completely glass - without a metal frame that usually wraps around glass panels.


The photos also show a round camera block with the inscription Powered by MariSilicon. Under this brand, Oppo releases chips to improve the quality of photos.

Nothing else is known about this smartphone yet. It is possible that it will remain an interesting concept and will not go into production.

Other glass gadgets

The company showed other gadgets made of glass. These are, in particular, watches with a glass bezel, as well as wireless headphones with a case with a glass cover.


Nothing is known about all these devices yet - there are only photographs.


Air Glass 2 AR glasses

Another interesting product from the company is Oppo Air Glass 2 smart glasses based on augmented reality technology.

The glasses visually almost do not differ from ordinary ones, and weigh only 38 grams. With their help, according to company representatives, you can make phone calls and have transfers in real time. What's more, the glasses can also help people with hearing impairments and convert sounds into text.


The glasses use the world's first polymer diffractive waveguide lens developed by Oppo. Users with visual impairments will be able to choose individual lenses. Spectacle frames can be further bent for greater convenience.

Unlike previous gadgets, the glasses are very likely to hit the market (especially since the first generation of Oppo Air Glass is available for sale — it appeared in December last year), but it is not known exactly when this will be and how much they will cost.

MariSilicon Y

The company's next novelty is the single-chip Bluetooth system MariSilicon Y, which, despite the name, has nothing to do with MariSilicon X, which, as noted above, is a neural image processing module.


MariSilicon Y is one of the first single-chip systems to use advanced N6RF technology to increase Bluetooth bandwidth by up to 50% compared to other, even the most advanced Bluetooth solutions. According to Oppo, MariSilicon Y provides the ability to transfer audio via Bluetooth at a 24-bit/192kHz rate and with no loss in quality.

MariSilicon Y has another interesting feature — with the help of artificial intelligence, it can split any song into different tracks (voice, drums, keyboards, and so on) in real time.

OHealth H1

Oppo also announced the OHealth brand and the first product under it, the OHealth H1 health monitoring device.

This device can monitor blood oxygen levels, perform an ECG (electrocardiogram) and auscultation of the heart and lungs (which a doctor does with a stethoscope), measure heart rate and body temperature, and track sleep.


OHealth H1 weighs only 95 grams and has an oval shape with rounded edges.

The device compares the received data with existing health algorithms to provide a detailed overview of the state of human health.

Moreover, the device will be able to share this data with doctors and hospitals.

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