Telegram offers opening new account without SIM card, with anonymous number: But how to buy anonymous number?

December 7, 2022  14:58

Telegram unveiled a major update that allows users to register a new account without linking it to a specific phone number.

"Today starts a new era of privacy. You can have a Telegram account without a SIM card and log in using blockchain-powered anonymous numbers available on the Fragment platform," Telegram developers wrote in their blog.

A Telegram account can now be registered without a SIM card, using anonymous blockchain-based numbers. Such numbers can be purchased on the Fragment platform, Telegram developers wrote in their blog.

The most affordable anonymous number is now being sold on the platform for 4 TON of cryptocurrency (usually worth 9 TON), which is about 450 rubles. However, it is offered in an auction format, so the actual cost may be higher. If the anonymous number is no longer needed, it can be auctioned off later.

As part of this update, Telegram implemented many other innovations. An active spam filter and automatic deletion of all chats, new emoticon sets and new interactive emoticons have been added. Emoji search has also become available to Telegram iOS users, and the Android version has an updated "Memory Usage" menu section now you can see how much space each chat takes up on your device.

How to buy an anonymous number?

On the website of Fragment for about 990 rubles (9 TON) you can buy a random anonymous number +888 XXXX XXXX, the ownership of which is implemented through the NFT. After payment, the number will be the property of the buyer until s/he sells it at auction. The new anonymous number will allow you to register in Telegram without a SIM card, or link the new number to your current Telegram account.

  • First, you need to create a wallet on Tonkeeper (read about it here) to be able to buy TON cryptocurrency.
  • Attach your Tonkeeper wallet to Fragment by clicking the Connect TON button (you can buy TON cryptocurrency in your wallet through a separate mobile app for Android or iOS).
  • Back at Fragment, click the Numbers button in the upper left corner of the site.
  • You choose whether you want to participate in the auction and buy a unique virtual number or buy a random number for 9 TONs (about $16). If you choose the second one, you have to click on Buy instantly for 9 TON.
  • You click the command "Unblock this number for 9 TON",
  • In the "Buy random number" window that opens, click "Buy now with Tonkeeper",
  • In the Tonkeeper app, you click "Confirm".

 After this step, the number is already yours, which you can confirm by going back to the My Assets page.

How to link an anonymous number to your current Telegram account?

  • Go to the profile change section in your Telegram settings and click "Change number".
  • Then enter the virtual number you bought. The messenger will indicate in the "Country" section that it is anonymous.
  • Go to "My Assets" on the "Fragment" page, find the purchased virtual number and click "Get Login Code".
  • In Telegram, you enter the code written in Fragment. That's it.

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