Apple аnnounces 2024 Design Awards finalists

May 30, 2024  10:21

Apple has announced finalists for its annual Design Awards in seven categories. The list includes 42 apps across a variety of categories, including the new Spatial Computing category.

Delight and Fun

According to Apple, “finalists in this category deliver unforgettable, engaging experiences enhanced by Apple technology.”


Apple says that "apps in this category support users of a wide range of backgrounds, abilities, and languages."


Apps in this category “use Apple technology in new ways that make them stand out in their genre.”


Apps in this category "offer intuitive interfaces and user-friendly controls that are perfectly tailored to their platform."

Social Impact

“Finalists in this category significantly improve lives and highlight important issues,” Apple said.

Visuals and Graphics

Apple notes that “apps in this category feature stunning visuals, artfully designed interfaces, and high-quality animations with a consistent, distinct style.”

Spatial Computing

In the new category, Apple singled out apps that have “extraordinary mastery of spatial computing.”

The company will announce the winners at WWDC 2024, which will be held from June 10 to 14. Winners will traditionally receive an aluminum cube engraved with the name of the application and nomination, and other prizes from Apple.

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