Has Google always lied? Leaked documents reveal how the search engine actually works

May 29, 2024  17:40

Google has found itself at the center of another scandal after one of its employees accidentally published internal documents on GitHub. The information contained in these documents has the potential to damage the company's reputation.

The document, titled Google API Content Warehouse, is 2500 pages long and explains the factors and components that influence the search results of Google's system. Essentially, it serves as a cheat sheet for ranking in Google.

SEO specialists claim that some of Google's statements about how its search engine works contradict what is outlined in the document. For instance, it mentions that data from Chrome is used for analyzing and ranking web pages, despite the company previously denying any connection between browser data and the ranking system multiple times.

Additionally, the document indicates that the EEAT metric influences ranking, something Google has also consistently denied.

Furthermore, Google occasionally maintains whitelists of websites that have higher rankings in search results. This system is used during U.S. elections or, for example, was used at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Google has not commented on this leak.

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