What features should be disabled on Apple Watch?

May 28, 2024  20:22

Turning off some features on your Apple Watch can help extend your device's battery life and extend its battery life by an additional 12 hours.


The first and main recommendation is to disable Siri and all related functions. Many users do not use the voice assistant, but it continues to run in the background, which leads to battery consumption.

Always On Display

It is also recommended to disable the Always On Display feature. To check the time, simply raise your wrist or touch the screen. It is also useful to disable the screen activation feature when you raise your wrist. To make the screen turn off faster, you can set the “Active for 15 seconds” option in the “Wake-up duration” section.

Sounds and vibration

You can also turn off sounds and vibration, which can save about an hour of battery life. However, this may result in missing important notifications. In this case, you can leave notifications only from selected applications.

External noise measurement

New versions of the Apple Watch can measure external noise and alert the user when a certain threshold is reached. For many, this feature is not particularly important, and turning it off will also help extend battery life.

According to experts, by disabling all of these functions, you can increase the battery life of the Apple Watch from 24 to 36 hours. This can be especially important in situations where access to a charger is limited.

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