5 real buildings that look like they came straight from the pages of fantasy books: One of them is located in Armenia (photo)

May 21, 2024  22:10

Fantasy worlds inspire many artists, including architects and designers. The buildings that the NEWS.am Tech editors have collected in today's selection were clearly inspired by fairy tales and fantasy works.

1. The Sagrada Familia, Barcelona, Spain

The building, designed by the famous architect Antoni Gaudi, looks like a fantasy castle with pointed towers and sculptural decorations. Surely these are the kind of castles imagined by the authors of many fairy tales and fantasy works.

The Sagrada Familia, Barcelona.jpg (112 KB)

2. Cozy House, Dilijan, Armenia

Cozy House is a hotel in the Armenian city of Dilijan, consisting of small houses similar to hobbit holes from The Lord of the Rings. Round windows and doors, walls with soft curves, cozy, atmospheric interiors - this is probably how J. Tolkien imagined the homes of hobbits.

Cozy House Dilijan 1.jpg (129 KB)

3. The Casa Batlló, Barcelona, Spain

Another building, created by the architect Antoni Gaudi, is distinguished by a memorable, unusual and bright facade with windows and balconies reminiscent of dragon scales.

The Casa Batllo, Barcelona.jpg (142 KB)

4. The Bosco Verticale (Vertical Forest), Milan, Italy

An interesting project from Stefano Boeri Architetti consists of two “green” buildings covered with more than 20,000 plants and trees. Elves, known for their love of nature, would certainly appreciate such buildings.

The Bosco Verticale.jpg (126 KB)

5. The Kunsthaus Wien (Museum of Modern Art), Vienna, Austria

The building of this museum seems to have stepped out of the pages of some fairy tale or fantasy book. Bright windows, interesting design - the facade of the building makes you want to look at it and look at it.

The Kunsthaus Wien.jpg (192 KB)

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