Apple blocks $7 billion in fraudulent transactions in three years

May 20, 2024  18:10

Apple prevented more than $7 billion in fraudulent transactions between 2020 and 2023. In 2023 alone, the company blocked $1.8 billion in suspicious payments.

According to PhoneArena, during this period Apple also refused to list 1.7 million applications that did not meet privacy, security and content standards. Another 248,000 hosting requests were rejected because the apps were deemed spam, copycats or misleading.

As noted in a report published by Apple, attackers today are actively using deception tactics to harm users. To do this, they, for example, disguise potentially dangerous applications as harmless ones.

Over the past year, App Review has uncovered numerous cases where apps initially marketed as innocuous products, such as photo editors or puzzle games, were actually platforms for streaming illegal content, gambling, or fraudulent credit services.

Apple continues to actively invest in technology to protect App Store users. The corporation claims that its efforts are aimed at creating a safe and secure environment for all users of the platform.

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